Misc News: 2nd Week September 2014.

2015 Sonico Calendar

Things appear to be going a bit slow in the world of Super Sonico news. But the 2015 Super Sonico calendar’s artwork has been revealed and is now available for pre-order though cdjapan, amiami and j-list.

The Super Sonico Swimsuit Santa Ver figure by Alter has finally been released to retailers. So if you haven’t already, you should be recieving order ready status emails from whoever you pre-ordered though.

In Japan, SoniAni: Super Sonico The Animation has started to be re-run the AT-X! channel.

Relax while browsing the web with these Super Sonico and First Cosmic Velocity 3D mousepads. The hardest decision is to choose which one cause both the Fuuri and Suzu pads look great too.

Mechanical Japan has some nice photos of what looks like yet new new UFO prize figure. I call this one the Super Sonico Wet t-shirt Sponge Figure. And the Super Sonico Heart Queen ver figure.

News Round up: Week 3 August 2014

kebab_bikini_sonico_6Pre-orders are now available for X-Prize’s massive 41cm PVC Super Sonico Bikini and Kebab figure. Pre-orders available from the following online retailers. Ranked cheapest to highest price.

I”m going to hold off from ordering this one personally for now. Judging by the photos I’m not satisfied as a whole that this is a top quality figure. Plus i have a huge amount of figures already on pre-order that I need to commit to paying first before any moer.

10704987296_83106cd092_oAmiami have informed me that the Super Sonico Swimsuit Santa Ver figure by Alter release date has been pushed back from late August to now late September 2014. Man this figure is taking forever to get done.

The final SoniAni Volume 6 on BD/DVD has been released on the 20th August 2014. So your pre-orders for this should be shipped out soon.

worldcosplay.net has a nice collection of Super Sonico cosplay on display. Some of these are outstanding, wow! 

Neko Magic continues with their 2014 Summer Wonder Festival coverage. Along with the 36th Annual Prize Fair 2014. Here are the posts featuring Nico-chan figures. Some posts were 18+ so I don’t want to include those here.

And last but certainly not least. The lovely and very talented Yaya Han was interviewed by Nerd Calibur giving some tips to any inspiring Cosplay’ers whilst looking amazing with her wearing the turquoise Super Sonico Kenco Nurse outfit that she has been sporting around in many of the recent anime expos and conventions.

News Round Up : 2nd Week August 2014.

SoniAni Vol 6SoniAnis volume 6 cover art has been shown, and is due out for street release on the 20th August 2014. With Japanator hosting a well written Final Impressions: SoniAni: SUPER SONICO The Animation to help you decide that you should watch it if you haven’t already.
Now the Daiichi Uchu Sokudo Suzu Fujimi Yukata Ver figure by FREEing’s pre-orders are now starting to appear, CDjapan has theirs here. and amiami’s pre-order here and J-Lists here and play-asia here. Looks like it’s going to be released the same time as the Furi Watakuni ver in February 2015. AWESOME!

Max Factory are re-releasing the Super Sonico figma figure that came exclusively with the Limited Edition SoniAni Volume 1 Bluray. But this time she’s suntanned and sporting a silver coloured bikini and is reported to be sold exclusively though Good Smile Company. Standing at 135mm tall. Pre-orders are open now for it’s December 2014 release for 3,889 Yen.

After SoniPro’s release, it was ranked 8th in Japan’s Video game sales for the week July 21 to 27th

And Neko Magic has published more photos of the 2014 Summer Wonder Festival featuring Super Sonico figure exibits.

Wonder Festival (Summer) 2014 Round Up

Neko Magic is in the middle of publishing their extensive photograph coverage of all of all the figure related displays for the recent 2014 Summer Wonder Festival held in Tokyo.

Naturally I have done all the hard work and have listed here all of their posts featuring Super Sonico figures for your enjoyment. I haven’t noticed really anything new with the line up of new figures but expect to see more Wonder Festival 2014 updates.

The 1/1 scale Super Sonico figure made an appearance again at the festival with rocketnews24 coverage and photos of the figure, you can look at this life size super sonico anime figure but you can’t touch. If only this figure was for purchase… I want.

Daiichi Uchu Sokudo Yukata Ver, Super Sonico and Furi Watakuni

Retailers are now beginning to open up pre-orders for the Super Sonico and Furi Watakuni Daiichi Uchu Sokudo Yukata Ver figures Pre-Orders. Basically all three memebrs of Super Sonico’s band First Astronomical Verlocity is getting thier own figure in a matching collection. Made by FREEing, they’re 1/8 scale PVC figures and will be released and sold separately.

. So far here is the list.

The Super Sonico figure is scheduled for a December 2014, then we have to wait till February 2015. Both figures have an RRP of 9,074 ($88.45 USD) price tag so it is safe to assume the Suzu Fujimi will cost the same once it’s officially announced.

These figures look really awesome and highly detailed, much better quality than some other cheaper FAV releases. I am sure to get all three to add to my figure collection. :)

In other merch news. I came across My Anime Toys, which appears to be a counterfeit retailer that i have not seen before, and interestingly they appear to be selling these Super Sonico AR anime cards. I have emailed them regarding what device you use these with, I presume that you use them with a Nintendo 3DS or smartphone but they have yet to get back to my inquiry. Anyway I don’t recommend to purchase from this site at all. You will only be disappointed in the quality of the goods. al Impressions: Soni-Ani: SUPER SONICO the Animation

Akiba’s Trip Pre-Order Discount & Super Sonico Character Game Play

As you all should know by now. Super Sonico is featured as a playable character in Akiba’s Trip: Undead and Undressed. Cruncyroll have an awesome deal for the US version (English dialogue) AKIBA’S TRIP: Undead & Undressed Mystery Bundle for only $42 for either the PS3 or PS Vita. You also will receive a mystery gift with the order. Can’t get any sweeter than that!

Youtuber DannyBoyPL | Anime Gaming Paradise ヽ(*・ω・)ノhas a lengthy game play footage of Akiba’s Trip on the PS Vita while playing as the Super Sonico character model. I’m currently undecided if I want to play this game or not. I have a huge pile of shame I need to finish off before purchasing more games.

Keeping with the subject of big discounts. Animimate has a huge 26% discount off for the pre-order for the Super Sonico After The Party figure.

In Cosplay news, SGCafe covers details on Super Sonico’s Bunny Ears Parka and Galaxy One costumes get an official version from ACos.

Also, ample-cosplay has a huge treasure trove of Super Sonico cosplay photos. Enjoy.

Figures Update: Week 4, July 2014.

Super Sonico Cheer 09
Firstly, I recieved an email from amiami that the release date for the Super Sonico Cheerleader Ver 1/6 scale figure by Orchidseed has been pushed back from late April 2014 to sometime in September 2014. Bummer. I’ve been super excited for this figure for a long time now. One would hope that it’s been delayed to ensure the highest quality of the figure. Which i’m sure it will be based on previous Orchidseed’s previous Sonico figures.

Super Pochaco Bunny Ver.



The 1/4 scale PVC Super Pochaco Bunny Ver figure by FREEing pre-order is now available through CDJapan. For $170 USD. Remember This is a matching figure done in the same scale and as the Super Sonico Bunny Maid Ver figure. Which when paired together would look incredible.


The Summer Wonder Festival 2014 is kicking off tomorrow (27th July 2014) with many Super Sonico figures on display already announced, including the Super Sonico Bikini and kebab figure by x+toys. Which thanks to the updated page, we know now that it’s due for a September 2014 release, stands at 41cm tall (guessing to be 1/4 scale) made from either PVC or ABS and will cost around 16,000 Yen.

While on the subject of figures, I recently got reacquainted with this satirical So you want to be a buyfag guide on buying figures and taking care of them and how to repair figures if they ever need be. Lets hope that none of our Sonico figures will never need repairing. Gave me a few laughs at my own expense :)

After The Party figure Pre-Orders Open.

Pre-orders have opened up for the Super Sonico After The Party figure by the Good Smile Company. This is a 1/6 scale (130mm tall) figure made from PVC and features real material stockings, similar to the iconic bondage leather figure released back in 2012, but this time in a different pose, a clear base, and her SG Gibson guitar and custom Marshall amplifier.

Prototype and manufacturing for this figure was done by The double-wing, Inc.

Get in quick, this figure is due out in November 2014. And pre-orders will be closing on the 20th August 2014. Pre-orders are now available though amiami, cdjapan, hobbysearch and j-list (In order from cheapest to most expensive). I already have the 2012 black edition of the Super Sonico Bondage Ver figure but I can’t pass up on this amazingly good looking figure.

In other Nico-chan news. SoniAni Volume 5 on BD and DVD was released on the 16th July 2014. So expect your pre-orders for this to be completed and shipped soon if they haven’t already.

And Neko-Magic have some sparse details on a new Super Sonico and a Super Pocacho figures. And another Nico-chan prize figure which looks amazeballs in their Coming Soon – July week 3, 2014: post.

Merch and Stuff Update: 2nd Week July 2014

Woo hoo! The super-sonico.com facebook fan page has hit over 100 likes now, that’s awesome, thanks to all who have liked the page. To celebreate, I invite you all to watch this. Super Sonico performing an alternate live version of Happy Lucky Star in the soon to be released SoniPro, Also, a new trailer for SoniPro has been released up on YouTube.

Speaking of Youtube videos, Bloosica has an unboxing and review of the Super Sonico Chatting Time ver UFO prize figure. While Coin Eater shows off their determination and skills with obtaining a Super Sonico Taito Station uniform UFO prize figure, Entertaining for sure.

Random Merch.
oppai_mouse_pad.pngYou may already own a Super Sonico Oppai mousepad (like all self respecting Super Sonico fans should) But be sure to keep an eye out for this life sized Super Sonico oppai mouse pad. Reading the translated description, it looks like a lot of care has gone into this product, making it as high quality as possible and it’ll cost a mere 20,000 Yen, Great googly-moogly! I haven’t found anywhere that will sell these yet but there have been just recently two new SoniAni themed mouse pads released and available from cdjapan that can be found here and here if that’s way out of our prize range.

Figures update.
Pre-orders for the Super Sonico Tiger Parka Ver. 1/8 scale PVC figure by Gift are now available from amiami, cdjapan, play-asia and J-List. Listed in descending cheapest order.

Nendoroid - SoniAni: Super Sonico Working SetAnd the GoodSmile Company have two new Nendroid Super Sonico figure sets scheduled for release in October 2014. The Kotla Parker Tiger hoodie ver is apparently only available through their own website. And the Nendoroid Super Sonico your work set has pre-orders available through Amiami, cdjapan and play-asia.

Oh and you only have two days left to enter into the Sentai Filmworks SoniAni Super Sweepstakes for your chance to win a bunch of Super Sonico swag including an Epiphone SG guitar and a pair of Super Sonico headphones. Restricted to USA residents only.

Early July Games & Merchandise Catchup.

SoniPro for the Nintendo 3DS has been given an offical release date of 31st July 2014. Good news for those who were looking forward to it. Startup! the 6th CD single which features the opening theme song for SoniPro is being released a day earlier on the 30th July 2014.

Super Sonico will be featured as a character the new Akiba’s Trip 2: Undead and Undressed for the PS4, which was released in Japan stores on the 3rd July 2014. With a PS Vita version due out sometime later. Remember PlayStation games are region free so you can import this if you like with minimal fuss minus the language barrier.

Sonico: GTA:SASomeone made this impressive Super Sonico character skin model for Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas for the PC. Click on the download link at the bottom for instructions and the files needed to install.


SoniAni Vol 5 BD/DVD

SoniAni Volume 5 on BD/DVD’s cover art and details have been released and will be released on the 16th July 2014. And the wallpaper page has updated again, with the addition of the wallpaper for the newly released More! CD.


And if you’re in need of some new glasses. You can opt for a pair of Super Sonico themed frames. Very stylish.