Late April update – 2015

Hi all. Hope everyone is having a wonderful Waifu Wednesday.

First bit of SoniAni news. Hanabee Acquires ‘Super Sonico’ Australian Anime Rights for SoniAni, And it was also announced that David Wald Joins Super Sonico English Dub Cast along with Luci Christian. Cool beans! Glad to see SoniAni being deemed popular enough to release it regionally.

A new Super Sonico Cheese oppai mouse pad is on it’s way. Basic specifications are stated this mouse pad to be 48.5cm in height, and maximum width 35.5cm with a total weight of 1600g. Using a lycra fabric with an aqueous ink jet print, Pre orders are accepted from the April 17, 2015 (Friday) – April 27, 2015 (Monday) and will set you back 22,000 Yen.

LmOXOkRIf you own Dead Or Alive 5 on PC, be sure to check out Super Sonico – Honoka (DL in comments) found on the DOA sub-reddit page. Fingers crossed that they’ll model and release something very similar like this as an official DLC pack for DOA on console. 😉 Follow the link to find the download link and a mini how to install the mod.



And in figure news. Tsuji Santa Reveals Nitro Super Sonic Sonico 1/7 OL Ver. By WING Painted Prototype  And over at Neko Magic’s Coming Soon – April week 4, 2015: post features some photos of a new Super Sonico and Super Pocacho prize figures by FuRyu, Soncio as a beer bottle holder and Super Pocacho is getting into the action of a very lewd Cup Noodle lid holder.



Super Sonico Paisura Bikini Ver Figure Delayed.


I have just been informed that the Super Sonico 1/6 scale (280mm tall) Paisura Bikini ver by Kaitendoh release date has been delayed. No word as to how long it has been delayed for but generally speaking when figures are delayed it’ll be only a matter of weeks.

Available now for sale on the Nitro+ site is a few Super Sonico and “Paradise Exile cross collaboration items. Including a Angela Balzac & “Super Sonico” collaboration mug cup and Angela Balzac & “Super Sonico” collaboration rubber strap


Youtube video highlight time. AgentShawnee has an awesome video where she talks all things about Sonico including how much she loves her, and does an awesome unboxing and review of the Baking Time ver prize figure by FuRyu.

That’s all for now folks!

X-Plus Toys Gigantic Series Super Sonico Limited Tanned Ver.

It has been less than 6 months since the original ver figure was released. But X-Plus Toys are hot to release an alternate version of their Gigantic Series Super Sonico non scale soft Vinyl figure. It’s expected release date is the 30th June 2015 with be priced around 15,000 Yen.

You’ll notice besides the obvious color differences that instead of holding a burrito, Sonico-chan is holding a soft-serve ice cream cone. Her mouth pose and eyes are slightly different. Both are awesome in their own rights.

So far the only place to put in a pre-order for this figure is the X-Plus Toys Online Web Store HERE. But get in quick, pre-orders close on the 30th August 2015. I can’t confirm if this is going to be the only place to obtain a pre-order. But i’ll keep things updated if I find any other sources that’ll be selling the figure.

Thanks to Neko Magic for the information.

Play-Asia annual stock clearance sale – Sonico galore!

Hello all.

News just in (thanks to Neko Magic). is currently holding their annual stock clearance sale. And included in this sale is bunch of Super Sonico figures. Here they are listed to their direct product page for your convenience.



Sweets & Bikini Ver 01




10705155453_5f4392790c_oNITRO SUPER SONIC: SUPER SONICO SWIM WEAR SANTA VER. (57% off)

Daiichi Uchu Sokudo - Furi Watakuni Yukata Ver #1


I’d recommend to jump on these deals ASAP people. Some big savings to be made here for some super awesome figures. Great deals for people in the USA. however for me the USD to AUD currency exchange is really bad right now so it’s not all too enticing for me personally. That, and i’m currently paying off for a 1/2 scale Super Sonico bikini ver origninal figure. And I just purchased a new bed. And paying off my new 70′ OLED TV, and a new sterio….

If I could i’d get the Sweets and Bikini Ver and the Tiger hoodie ver figure. Hint hint -_^

Sonicomi first partial patch release

Hello, the sonicomiproject has hit a big milestone with their first partal patch release for Sonikomi for the PC and PS3. Follow the link for the full details. I am yet to try out the PC version and give some feedback but incase anyone is wondering how to install Japanese PC games the process is.

How to run:
1. Install Windows
2. Control Panel
3. Region and Language
4. Administrative
5. Change System Locale
6. Japanese
7. ???

The Motto Sonikomi is currently on sale on the Japanese PlayStation Store too if you want to obtain a copy of the game that way.

Nekomagic has a newish post update containing some photos of the new Super Sonico Mermaid prize figure from the The 39th Prize Fair 2015 Part 3: FuRyu I Looks like there will be some alternative color versions of the cup noodle holder figure too. Awesome!

Mid March 2015 Small Post


One of the coolest Super Sonico home furnishings I have seen yet. A first cosmic velocity” life-size folding screen for your bedroom / lounge or wherever you choose to place it. Very G rated too. :)

Previously I completely got it wrong, thining it was a mouse pad, is infact [Videos] Have Super Sonico talk back while you hug her with a new talking voice pillow. Rather cool indeed.

I’m not sure if I have posted this already but the Sonico chan and fairy tale Special figures – Queen of Hearts figure looks rather cool and unique.

More Neko Magic 2015 WInter Wonder Festival Super Sonico figure coverage. (NSFW)

2015 Winter Hobby Maker Product Exhibition Part 8: Kaitendoh, PLUM, Hobby Stock, MOVIC

2015 Winter Hobby Maker Product Exhibition Part 6: SOL International, Vertex

And as a final note. The Super Sonico After the Party figure has been released. I should be recieving mine very soon in the mail via EMS.


Super Sonico Sunkissed Cheer Girl Ver figure.

Firstly, the Sonicomi Project is now Calling out beta testers for partial patch which is excellent to see. I’ll be applying shortly to try it out for the PC. Great to hear that they’re making progress :)

02LLike tradition, Orchidseed are releasing an alternate version of their latest Super Sonico figure. I’m referring to their 2014 Super Sonico Cheer Girl Ver figure. This one is called the Sunkissed Cheer Girl Ver. If you missed out on getting the original I highly recommend to jump on this one as it looks amazeballs! (Since when hasn’t an Orchidseed Sonico figure has not???)

Neko Magic has also featured it in a recent post. (18+) Nitro Super Sonic – Super Sonico Cheer Girl Ver. -Sun*kissed- 1/6 PVC figure by Orchidseed

You can pre-order the figure already from cdjapan, amiami and j-list

Miss Yaya Han. Now has signed Nurse Super Sonico prints up for sale, here and here and Mandee Sim is also selling her Super Sonico Black Bikini (Signed!) (▰˘◡˘▰) print too.

I was looking around for PS4 super sonico themes, didn’t find anything but I came across this PS4 skin decal SUPER SONICO ANIMATION playstation4 console/Controller Sticker. Most likely bootleg and I don’t like the design much so i’ll give it a miss.

Some cool new Youtube videos.


More Super Sonico figure apprearances at the Winter Wonder Festival 2015. Keep up the awesome work Neko Magic :)


Super Sonico Love Bomb – 6-24-10: Wonder Festival 2015 [Winter] Part B9: 6-18 to 6-27

Super Sonico (unknown) – 6-12-01: Wonder Festival 2015 [Winter] Part B7: 6-02 to 6-13

Super Sonico (unknown) – 4-13-17: 硫黄泉: Wonder Festival 2015 [Winter] Part B2: 4-10 to 4-17

Super Sonico: After The Party delayed.

Some may be disapointed, but the Super Sonico: After The Party figure by Good Smile Company has been delayed for it’s release, It has been reported that it should be shipping on the 5th of March 2015.

DSC_0122Over the weekend I attended a local mini-con on the weekend and a few of the traders had Sonico loot. Picked up these two lovelies and I’m super impressed by the quality of the Space Police figure for their price. And double surprised that it’s actually a dark navy blue rather than black. Highly recommended.



Yet to have a play with the Super Sonico Working Set but from up close looks it also
looks amazing and highly detailed.


Neko magic have more info and pics of the Super Pochaco – Super Pochaco Lingerie Football Ver. 1/7 PVC figure by Kaitendoh

Neko Magic have also been  hard at work with continuing their coverage of the 2014 Winter Wonder Festival. The following links contain concept and prototype Super Sonico and Super Pocacho figures. Please be aware that these pages do contain images and content that are NSFW, viewer discretion is advised.


(18+) Wonder Festival 2015 [Winter] Part C5: Orchidseed

(18+) Wonder Festival 2015 [Winter] Part C4: Orcatoys, Daiki Kougyou

(18+) Wonder Festival 2015 [Winter] Part C3: Kaitendoh/Lechery, Q-six

Wonder Festival 2015 [Winter] Part A26: Vetrex, Art Storm, Arcadia

Wonder Festival 2015 [Winter] Part A16: Volks

Happy Valentime 2015 from Sonico.

You can grab the new 2015 Super Sonico Happy Valentimes wallpaper from here.

happy-valentine-2015-000Keeping with the Valentimes theme, the Suiper Sonico Queen of Hearts figure by is looking rather awesome too.

ClubT have a whole bunch of new Super Sonico themed watches now up for sale on their site.

Go Figure has uploaded a special Valentines unboxing and review video of the Super Sonico Rock’n’Roll Valentine figure to celebrate the special day.

Meanwhile, Kiki Kannon has uploaded a Super Sonico : Cosplay Valentine’s Day Special video. Wow so sexy!!!

And finally, fine folks at Neko Magic has some awesome photos of the soon to be released Super Sonico More More Parka Swimsuit Ver by Volks Wonder Festival 2015 [Winter] Part A8: Toy’s works + Dengeki Hobby I

The last big update (followed by a series of smaller but more frequent updates)

Hello all. This will be the last post of this style. Instead of waiting and building up one big post every few weeks. I’m planning to just make smaller but much more frequent updates.

You can now pre-order the English dub SoniAni Bluray from play-asia

I have discovered two great new blogs you guys should check out. Firstly SUPERSONICOROCKING is a great tumblr blog site all about Super Sonico,

YouTube channel COIN EATER which a new video of their mad skills with the Super Sonico strawberry Devil – Chirufuno UFO Catcher. Be sure to check out their proper website Addicted to figures which has reviews for the items they win.

Fate’s Saber, Psycho-Pass’s Akane, and Super Sonico now confirmed for Nitroplus Blasterz

MVM Entertainment Confirm Release Date Alterations; Super Sonico To Release in June on both DVD and Blu-ray


Akiba’s Trip: Undead & Undressed – Super Sonico DLC Exhibition

Maniaco Loco on Youtube has uploaded two awesome MMD Super Sonico videos, you can check them out here and here.