Mid March Merch Madness

Like clockwork, we have seen a bunch of new and alternate versions of figures previewed and announced during the past month.

Firstly Nitro Super Sonic” Sonico Sister ver. Special Figure by FuRyu. Also comming out, Moonlit Sake report on a alternate version of “Nitro Super Sonic” Sonico Beach Queens 1/10 Suntanned Ver. By Wave New Painted Prototype Photos Revealed. I like this version of the figure and I don’t own the original version, so I think now is the time I did.

With its official announcement, Pre-orders are now available for the SoniAni: Super Sonico The Animation” Sonico Macaron Tower figure,  I was sceptical of this figure but now looking at the final finished product I have been converted. I love what they have done with the eyes and the level of detail is very defined. You can pre-order it from amiami, j-list, cd-japan, hobbylinkjapan  play-asia. and Otaku Republic. I havent listed these in any particular order so be sure to compare prices and shipping and of course, your own personal preferences.

In other Super Sonico merch news. I noticed that cd-japan have the Nitroplus Art Masters [Regular Edition] up for sale and available after 31st march 2016. You may as well make the most of the opportunity and take advantage of their massive clearance sale.

J-list have the Super Sonico Mouse Ear – Real Size Oppai Mousepad. If you really want to spoil yourself on something great. I want but I think I can resist the urge to purchase this…. For now.

Otaku Republic are now accepting orders for the Super Sonico Easter Bunny Yellow & Blue and the white and pink versions at a decent price with free shippping!

Someone attempted at doing a custom Super Sonico Gameboy artwork. –> https://imgur.com/hEJ33p2

Happy Valentines from Super Sonico 2016!

For a very limited time, The 2016 Super Sonico Happy Valentines wallapaper has come and gone, luckily I saved the larger resolution versions of the wallapaper so you can grab them from below. 😀

In other news. 2016 Winter Wonder Festival news keeps on pouring in, most of the publishings have been covering the same material we have already seen but doesn’t hurt to have another look does it. 😉

“Nitro Super Sonic” Sonico Love Bomber ver (moonlit Sake) http://moonlitsaki.com/2016/02/wonder-festival-2016-winter-ques-q-exhibition-part-27.html This one has been on the distant radar for years, it looks very complex and highly detailed, maybe it’s taking years to perfect this figure. Good things come to those who wait. Neko Magic’s coverage here –> http://www.nekomagic.com/?p=56284.

This one hasn’t got a name, but I will call it “Super Sonico sweater only ver figure” (Moonlit Sake) http://moonlitsaki.com/2016/02/wonder-festival-2016-winter-pulchra-wing-orange-rouge-exhibition-part-28.html Can’t wait to see this in a painted stage of development.

Neko magic has a multitude of new Super Sonico macaron tower ver photos –> http://www.nekomagic.com/?p=56237

Some better zoomed out shots of the Super Sonnico Office lady ver by Naitive http://www.nekomagic.com/?p=56246. I’m expecting that once i see the final product that this will be a must buy!

Super Pochaco Condensed Milk and Super Sonico Cowboy Ver (Neko Magic) –> http://www.nekomagic.com/?p=56285
Super Sonico Racing Ver 1/7 scale by Sculptor: YOSHI (Max factory) –> http://www.nekomagic.com/?p=56327 I love this one, I need it already!

Bit of a collection, Super Pocacho Merry Christmas snowman ver, Super Sonico bunny ver, Super Sonico Queen of hearts Ver, Super Sonico Snow White ver –> http://www.nekomagic.com/?p=56293

Super Sonico Patissier ver-> http://www.nekomagic.com/?p=56300

Early February 2016 Catchup


Things are a little slow in the world of Sonico news. So without further ado.

Figure Previews.

(18+) Super Pochaco – Super Pochaco Condensed Milk Photo Session WF2016W Limited Edition 1/6 PVC figure by Vertex 

“Nitro Super Sonic” Sonico Special Figure Unicorn Ver. By FuRyu Painted Prototype Revealed I like the design of this but I personally dislike the end product by many FuRyu figures. Yet here is a figure by FuRyu that’s sparking my attention. Super Sonico Easter Bunny (18+) Coming Soon – February week 1, 2016. 

Native Teases Unpainted Prototype For Their Super Sonico Figure, Display Plans For Wonder Festival 2016 [Winter] Announced

Sonico Cowgirl Ver

Moonlit Sake show off the “Nitro Super Sonic” Sonico Cowgirl Ver. By Vertex Painted Prototype Revealed. This figure looks really cute and very well made, But I dislike the pants. Who on earth designed those pants. I much prefer a full set of jeans on Sonico but slipping off the butt but maybe have the G-string or panties poking out the top, just like the Super Sonico SQ Figure Campus Life figure by Bandpresto. (I really need to get myself one of those figures soon too) or the Tokonatsu Ver.

campus life pants zoom  Tokonatsu bum view







It’s 2016’s WInter Wonder Festival Time!

Winter Wonder festival is upon us. Here are all the posts that feature all the new and upcomming Super Sonico figures to keep an eye on. Expect more of a tidal wave of more press releases in the next few weeks fellow Sonico fans! 

Always a word of caution. These posts are NSFW!. Expect to see many other naked boobies and things.

Moonlit Sake

Neko Magic

There is a new art book coming out containing Nitroplus character artwork as featured in Nitroplus card masters. Pre-orders open now through amiami. Nitroplus Art Masters Regular Edition (BOOK)(Pre-order)

Super Sonico cosplay found in Here are the wonderful cosplays of Wonder Festival 2016 (Winter)

And lastly, Here is a gift for you all, proudly brought to you by the latest Japan underwear craze, Fan artwork featuring Super Sonico in Neko Keyhole undrrwear. Oh my! I just wish I could find the artists name and give them proper credit. Dammit!

sonico neko keyhole


December / Jan 2016 update

Firstly, Super Sonico wished you a Merry Xmass and a happy New Year with a new song available on Spotify.

If you had missed grabbing copies of the Super Sonico 2015 Christmas wallpaper, you can grab the largest resolution wallpaper from here. Or just click on the image below as I’ll now host it too.

3b23281df4e61e6f03bdccad50d9315bSiliconera have a nice big write up on the soon to be released US regional and translated version of Sonicomi. Make Super Sonico A Star With Sonicomi: Communication With Sonico This Summer. Which J-List are so far the only cool dudes who I have discovered who are already accepting pre-orders for the game already. Pre-order the limited eidtion and Collector Edition now!

While we’re on the subject of Video Games and Super Sonico. The Japanese version of Nitroplus Blasterz for the PS4 was released, I got my collectors Edition and I must say, its a rather fun and well rounded fighter game. Check out some game play footage of it here. (not my video). The English US release of the game is expected to be late January 2016.

The alt ver figure Nitro Super Sonic – Super Sonico Swimsuit Ver. S-style 1/12 PVC figure by FREEing was officially announced for sale. Here is Moonlight Sake’s coverage on the figure.

81b4b3_c14819208ddb41b2bc73c1562a31de41Also, i highly encourage everyone to get in their pre-orders for Cosplayer Chichiro’s Super Chichiro cosplay book! She’s so adorable as our favorite pink haired head phoned wearing idol!

New Super Sonico figures in development and have been previewed Un-named figure (moonlit Sake have a better article about it here), Super Sonico Unicorn, new Super Sonico cup noodle alternative version holder here. Super Sonico Sister ver here 

“SoniComi” Super Pochaco 1/6 Patissier Ver. By Chara-Ani, Toy’s Works Unpainted Prototype New Photos by Moonlit Sake. And the CharaGumin Super Pochaco Santa Ver by Neko Magic.


November 2015 Roundup.

The pre-orders for the Super Sonico Nama Figure Patissier Ver are now open and available. Head over to Neko Magic to check out the hi-res photographs. Super Sonico Fresh Figure Patissier Ver. 1/6 PVC figure by Toy’s works (Chara-Ani) and for the pre-order links.

Naturally, there is even more Super Sonico figures in being designed and developed for our ever growing collections. Check out this Sonico-chan with macaron tower as previewed in Neko Magic’s Coming Soon – November week 1, 2015: Posting. Super cute!!!

Super Sonico teaches you how to play Nitroplus Blasterz In the latest release of Nitroplus Basters video marketing, Super Sonico shows us the basics of gameplay. Get studying and prepared for when this game is released!

Super Sonico Super Sonico production figures pastry Ver. [February ship worth 2016] http://www.chara-ani.com/details.aspx?prdid=C15A00126

SoniAni now has feature page on Behind The Voice Actors. I was not aware of this site before discovering this news piece. A good resource website that’s for sure.

All Thats Epic has a feature article titled The Many Faces of Cosplay: Becoming Super Sonico!

CuteMichiyo is also getting into the Super Sonico cosplay trend and does it with amazing justice. Love your work!

Hi Hi Its Hoshi-Chan now has a nice collection of Nurse Super Sonico cosplay.

Here is an awesome behind the scenes video of Cosplayer Fenix Fatalist doing an awesome Super Sonico photoshoot. 

Sorry, I was not able to find any information on who the Actual cosplayer is in this image to give them credit for such a masterpiece!


Koyuki as Super Sonico [Christmas Ver.] Koyuki world of cosplay page Koyuki on Facebook

Limited time offer, new Super Sonico 4000mAh USB battery charger available. And a new Racing Miku 2015 and Super Sonico collaborative sports drink will soon be available.

And lastly, here is the items available from the Nitro+ display booth at the upcoming Comic Market 89. – I really need to get that erotic CG book and 2016 Super Sonico callendar.

Till next time;

– Peace.

Get Exited. Nitroplus Basters Is Nearly Here!

Nitroplus Blasters for PS3/PS4 is soon to be released, And a New Nitroplus Blasters Heroines Infinite Duel PV introduces Saber, Sonico, Ignis, and more. Sadly the Youtube video is now “set to private” WAAAAAIIIII!!! NO FAIR!!!!

Luckily I found an alternative copy of the video on Youtube.

It’s obvious that Super Sonico is the poster child for this game. And rightfully so! Love that FAV song too. Fingers crossed that there is a CD soundtrack release featuring this song too.

_MG_7559 (1)


In cosplay news Dreamline Entertainment has published a gallery featuring cosplay model Mintypoo, love your work guys!!!



Just as an interesting fact. But Neko Magic claims that the famous figure sculpture Ryujin used the old Super Sonico body to make this To LoveRu Darkness – Lala Satarin Deviluke Swimsuit Ver. 1/7 PVC figure by Ryu-NS. You have to admit though, he is referencing a winning body though ^_^

Neko Magic also reports on the Super Pochaco – Super Pochaco Suntanned Swimsuit Ver. 1/8 PVC figure by FREEing. Which I dislike this, The tan is too dark and there are few Super Pocacho figures that I like. Plus my priority is Super Sonico figures.



Pre-orders for the Super Sonico Paisura bikini tan ver figure by Kaitendoh are now open through most reputated online retailers including CDJapan, play-asia, and amiami. Expect to see this figure released in December 2015.

I personally have not been interested in previous tan var Super Sonico figures. But this one looks so sexy and really well done. Infact I think I like this tan ver a lot more than the original. One to add to my collection no doubt!
I can’t remember if I had posted this before. But here is the Offical JAST USA announcement video for the USA english version of Motto Sonicomi.

I recommend to check out the The official JAST USA Sonicomi game website too. But that’s all the news I have. nothing else to report regarding how the development is coming along or when we should expect it’s release.

Super Sonico Mii QR code


I stumbled upon this cool QR code for a Super Sonico Mii character for your Nintendo Wii U or 3DS. awesome!



The Three Month Dump.

Hi all…

Yes. once again I have been absent and have not updating this blog reguarly.
I blame life. I had to move house, then move work office, then deal with a
buttload of work. All on top I had to deal with a spade of health issues.

But things are looking up and i’m getting my life back on track. By simplifying
yet enriching my life. This blog / site is one of those things.

The biggest piece of news is that Sonicomi is getting a US region release featuring English
language support. This news was warmly welcomed by all! And thus the Sonicomi translation project team Project halted indefinitely/dropped Anime news Network has all the juicy details on this. JAST USA Adds SoniComi, Flowers PC Games. Hopefully it will be released by the end of the year.

Here is a sneak peak at the upcoming 2016 Super Sonico Ichiban Kuji Prize lottery prizes. Neko magic has an awesome preview of the 1st prize Sonico ~Future Waitress~ figure. Looks cool but what dafuq is up with the rollerskate things.

The Japanese version of Nitroplus Blasters Heroine Infinite Duel Limited Edition Has Super Sonico On A Crystal There does not seem to be any word if the US release of the game will be getting anything as cool as this.

Here is some lenghy gameplay. Looks like fun.

An awesome and Super Sonico Oppai comfy looking mousepad is now available for purchase. This one is deluxe.

Several new figures have been previewed and released, varying in size and quality. Here are the quick links and some quick personal comments.

Nitro Super Sonic Sonico By FREEing 1/12 Scale Figure Announced. Looks high quality which is typical of small figures and anything released by FREEing.

A (Garage kits) Super Sonico Moamoa Parker swimsuit ver. + SuPapo Chaco Valentine swimsuit ver. Details found here and here. Maybe if someone wants to make me one and sell it to me???

As always. Neko Magic has been busy with keeping us up to date with the latest figure previews. Be wary, some of the following links may contain R18+ content. And you may need to scroll down a fair bit to find the Sonico loot.

Time for some cool Sonico fanart and cosplay releated stuffs.

Sentai filmworks: Jessica Nigiri Super Sonico cosplay

Super Sonico cosplay dance – vine. Be sure to check the rest of yurikotiger‘s Vine page. She is sonico mad! Even more mad than I. And has some other awesome wicked cosplay efforts!

Here is a cute super sonico cosplay print by abipop. Love her work! I will get this soon

Here is some nice fanart. Sadly I can’t see who created it. But I may just be not looking hard enough.

Check out this decent. SUPER SONICO BLUE STAR THEME for the Chrome web browser. I installed it briefly and it seems to be legit without any AIDS. Just don’t blame me if it actually does brick your machine.



Hi all.

You probably are already aware but  I deliberately waited to report on this later as the news about this kept trickling out and i wanted the full story before discussing it.

It was announced officially that Nitro+ Blasters is branching out from the Japanese arcades and hitting the Sony PlayStation 3 and Playstation 4. But that’s not the exciting part. THIS TIME Super Sonico will be a full fledged playable character, not just a supporting character as found in the arcade version of the game.

Nitroplus Blasterz: Heroine Infinite Duel Arrives Screenshots Show Super Sonico On PlayStation (Siliconera)

Nitroplus Heroine Blasterz fighting game heads to PS3 and PS4, Super Sonico to be playable in consoles (SG Cafe)

The game is due out in for Winter 2015 for Japan, but only few days passed it was announced that Nitroplus Blasterz coming to North America this winter too

Here is the full rostered list of playable characters.

Ein (Phantom of the Inferno)
Mora (Kyuuketsu Senki Vjedogonia)
Sansei Muramasa (Full Metal Daemon: Muramasa)
Ruili (Kikokugai: The Cyber Slayer)
Saya (Saya no Uta)
Ignis (Jingai Makyo)
Anna (Gekko no Carnevale)
Saber (Fate/Zero)
Ethica Kibanohara (Tokyo Necro)
Super Sonico (Super Sonico) 
Ouka (Super Sonico)

Partner Characters

Natsumi Aibara (Hello, World)
Another Blood (Kishin Hishou Demonbane)
Ishima Kaigen (Hanachirasu)
Dragon (Dra+Koi)
Franco Il Nero (Zoku Satsuriku no Django: Jigoku no Shoukinkubi)
Supika (Star Mine Girl)
Miyuki Sone (Kimi to Kanojo to Kanojo no Koi)
Aoi Mukou (Kimi to Kanojo to Kanojo no Koi)
Yoishi Mitsurugi (Phenomeno)
Althea (Hakubou no Dendoushi)
Mugen Yoguruma (D.Y.N. Freaks)
Angela Balzac (Expelled from Paradise)
Amy (Suisei no Gargantia)
Akane Tsunemori (Psycho-Pass)

And this is happening with Nitro+ Blasters too Senran Kagura’s Homura Is Set To Appear In Nitroplus Blasterz

Super Sonico OL Ver Figure Pre-Orders Open

Hi all.

Now finally being officially annouced, I present to you the Super Sonico OL Ver figure. Created by Wing and distributed through Good Smile Company. Standard specs for this figure, pre-painted 1/7 Scale (200mm tall), made from PVC and will retail for around 11,000 Yen with a release date set to September 2015. . NekoMagic also has coverage on the figure.

Pre-orders are now available through amiamiplay-asiacdjapan and j-list. Prices are descending from cheapest to most dearest.

This is a very cute yet suggestively sexy figure whilst remaining PG rated. Love those curves and crossed legs in stockings. Naturally I need to have this figure.

I Forgot To Give This Post A Title Update

Hi all. Once again I let thing slip by (so busy with work) and it’s been nearly a month since the last update, but things have been a little slow in terms of Nico news.

Firstly, here is a sneaky cam of the Super Sonico English Dub Premiere At Anime Matsuri 2015. Honnestly, it’s cringe worthy, the dubs just don’t suit. I’m a big fan of dubs if it they’re done well and suits the story / setting etc. But this is just a big fat NO!

Now on to Neko Magic Super Sonico Coverage.hobbyround13_0393



Do you require a new travel neck pillow? Then check out this Super Sonico & SuPapo Chaco Pofupofu neck pillow B2 with Tapestry Limited Edition. It’s also available through CD Japan here for 4 000 Yen.

And now Offical Super Sonico cosplay outfits are available from Clearstone.

And lastly as a heads up. Super Sonico π/Bikini Ver figure has been released. Mine should be arriving in the next few days. In the meantime go and check out. Super Sonic – Super Sonico π/Bikini Ver. 1/6 PVC figure by Kaitendoh post at Neko Magic.