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Super Pochaco Beer Maid Figure by APLUS

APLUS has finally unveiled the finished version of their Super Pochaco Beer Maid ver figure. She is a 1/6 scale PVC figure and stands at 290mm tall, Expected to be released in July 2014 for around 13,800 Yen. Which seems a little pricey but judging by the press release images. You’re getting one superbly crafted figure with great detail.

If you were unaware, Super Pochaco is the more curvier apparent friend of Super Sonico and had made many off the side cameo appearances in nearly every episode of SoniAni, despite the two actually interacting at all in the past show’s season.

So if you’re collection of Super Sonico figures are getting a bit lonely, you can place a pre order down at CDJapan and the much more expensive J-List. But beware, it appears that there is going to be a number of other Super Pochaco figures on the way.

Tomboy Childhood Super Sonico figure by WING

Details of the new Super Sonico Tomboy Childhood figure by WING have been released. It’s a non-scale PVC figure based off an illistration found in the booklet of the original PC version of 2011 Sonicomi (Communication With Sonico) game. But I’m not sure if you could call it just a figure. As you can move her neck, shoulders and arms to a variation of positions. And comes with an alternative set of legs for you to position her to sit or stand. In her sitting position the figure is 95mm in the while sitting and standing at 135mm tall and will retail for around 7,300 yen which is quite reasonable.

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I personally am into the more lewd and adult oriented figures but I’m sure many people would like to have this figure. Pre orders available from amiami, CDJapan, J-list and Otaku Republic. Retailers have been listed from cheapest to the more expensive.

New “Race Queen” costume included in Motto SoniKomi game update.

Wow, it just keeps getting better and better. As of 18th April 2014. Motto Sonicomi will receive a new game patch update. This update brings the game version up to v1.02 which addresses a few game bugs and fixes. But as an extra bonus. A new DLC costume update for Motto Sonikomi will be also included.

Remember people that you can only receive these game updates if you have created a user on the Japanese PlayStation Network and will be available at 12AM GMT + 9 (Japanese Local time) Once that is done. You can log back into your regular account and when you go to start the game again you should be greeted by a game patch update screen.

To see if you have received the update already. Head to the Game Data Utility folder and press triangle on the Motto Sonikomi icon to view game information. it should then say version v1.02

And as a bonus for us Sonico Fans, I found this Japanese TV commercial for Motto SoniKomi. Just because. :)


Two new EPs Featuring Songs From SoniAni

Following up from the release of the Supersoni-tsu EP. Two new EPs have been announced titled RAINBOW and MOONLIGHT featuring songs from SoniAni with a release date set for 21st May 2014. With a set price of 1.944 Yen on Japan’s Amazon site. CDJapan has yet to announce the sale of these EPs yet. but I imagine their asking price shouldn’t be too different.

As an extra incentive to purchase the physical copies. Both EPs will be available in downloadable mp3 format and CD, but the CD editions will feature two bonus tracks on each EP.

Rainbow EP

Moonlight EP







RAINBOW Track List. 
1. LOVE THE WORLD Episode 1 Ending Theme Episode 12 Insert song
2. Crystal Dream TV 0 Episode 5 ending theme
3. Nightmare Buster – Episode 6 ending theme
4. Affection – Episode 10 ending theme
5. Rainbow ♫ Melody – Episode 12 Insert song
6. LOVE THE WORLD-Dramatic Strings ver.
7. Rainbow ♫ melody-Studio Live ver.

MOONLIGHT Track List. 
1. Illusion Summer – episode 3 ending theme
2. Go! Go! – episode 9 ending theme
3. Buttobase Moonlight! – episode 4 ending theme
4. Hikari Truth episode 8 ending theme
5. Star Rain – episode 7 ending theme
6. Sky Love Hurricane -2014 ver
7. Berimeri -2014 ver

Game Patch For Motto Sonikomi and New Figure Previews

Game Patch.


As of 4th April 2014 a game patch for Motto Sonikomi on the PS3. If you are playing the game with a Japanese PSN account it should be updated automatically. If you’re playing the game with a non-Japanese PSN account, I’m sorry but you won’t recieve the patch, nor will you be able to retrieve any of the game codes. To help you set up a Japanese PSN account, Follow the guide from Kotaku. When it asks you for a ZIP code, just use the 108-0075. And you’ll be all set.

New Figures

The official announcement of the Super Sonico Beach Queens prize figure, has been made, and pre-orders are now available. Annoyingly, this figure is priced higher than the other Beach queen figures released by WAVE at 6000 Yen. Standing only at 1/10 scale (about 165mm tall) and constructed out of PVC. This is a nice small / medium figure. And in Neko Magic’s Coming Soon – April week 2, 2014 update. they’re previewing a new Super Sonico prize figure by FuRyu and a new Super Pochaco 1/6 scale, PVC figure by  Daiki Kougyou. Too early for any other details on this figure, but it’s nice to see other characters from the Sonico universe appearing.

A quad of new figures. Oh mmmyyy!

FIGURE-005413I just noticed that on amiami’s twitter that a new black version of the Super Sonico Bikini and Sofa ver figure is now available for pre-order up on their site, slightly more expensive than the original version at 8,200 Yen. Sorry but not much information has been announced for this release yet. But i’m sure other retailers will have it available too.  Once the information is released I’ll update this post accordingly.



And over at Neko Magic, they’re teasing us with some pre-release and in development three new Super Sonico prize figures in their Coming Soon – March week 6, 2014:. I’ve never really paid much attention to the prize figures due their quality generally being lesser than the more up market counterparts but for what you pay for. You certainly do get a bargain.


Siliconera – SoniPro gameplay details.

sonipro screenshot The fine folks over at Siliconera have posted two feature articles on some gameplay elements of SoniPro for the Nintendo 3DS. Firstly, they report that You Can Influence Super Sonico’s Personality depending on your choices of what music you decide Nico-chan to perform and activities she engages in.

0386And secondly Super Sonico Has A New Rival in SoniPro. Named Starlight Bellstar, she  will be competing against you and Nico-chan to claim idol fame. Click on the linked articles for details and game screenshot goodness. SoniPuro, developed by imageepoch is set to be released on the 29th May 2014.