After The Party figure Pre-Orders Open.

Pre-orders have opened up for the Super Sonico After The Party figure by the Good Smile Company. This is a 1/6 scale (130mm tall) figure made from PVC and features real material stockings, similar to the iconic bondage leather figure released back in 2012, but this time in a different pose, a clear base, and her SG Gibson guitar and custom Marshall amplifier.

Prototype and manufacturing for this figure was done by The double-wing, Inc.

Get in quick, this figure is due out in November 2014. And pre-orders will be closing on the 20th August 2014. Pre-orders are now available though amiami, cdjapan, hobbysearch and j-list (In order from cheapest to most expensive). I already have the 2012 black edition of the Super Sonico Bondage Ver figure but I can’t pass up on this amazingly good looking figure.

In other Nico-chan news. SoniAni Volume 5 on BD and DVD was released on the 16th July 2014. So expect your pre-orders for this to be completed and shipped soon if they haven’t already.

And Neko-Magic have some sparse details on a new Super Sonico and a Super Pocacho figures. And another Nico-chan prize figure which looks amazeballs in their Coming Soon – July week 3, 2014: post.

Merch and Stuff Update: 2nd Week July 2014

Woo hoo! The facebook fan page has hit over 100 likes now, that’s awesome, thanks to all who have liked the page. To celebreate, I invite you all to watch this. Super Sonico performing an alternate live version of Happy Lucky Star in the soon to be released SoniPro, Also, a new trailer for SoniPro has been released up on YouTube.

Speaking of Youtube videos, Bloosica has an unboxing and review of the Super Sonico Chatting Time ver UFO prize figure. While Coin Eater shows off their determination and skills with obtaining a Super Sonico Taito Station uniform UFO prize figure, Entertaining for sure.

Random Merch.
oppai_mouse_pad.pngYou may already own a Super Sonico Oppai mousepad (like all self respecting Super Sonico fans should) But be sure to keep an eye out for this life sized Super Sonico oppai mouse pad. Reading the translated description, it looks like a lot of care has gone into this product, making it as high quality as possible and it’ll cost a mere 20,000 Yen, Great googly-moogly! I haven’t found anywhere that will sell these yet but there have been just recently two new SoniAni themed mouse pads released and available from cdjapan that can be found here and here if that’s way out of our prize range.

Figures update.
Pre-orders for the Super Sonico Tiger Parka Ver. 1/8 scale PVC figure by Gift are now available from amiami, cdjapan, play-asia and J-List. Listed in descending cheapest order.

Nendoroid - SoniAni: Super Sonico Working SetAnd the GoodSmile Company have two new Nendroid Super Sonico figure sets scheduled for release in October 2014. The Kotla Parker Tiger hoodie ver is apparently only available through their own website. And the Nendoroid Super Sonico your work set has pre-orders available through Amiami, cdjapan and play-asia.

Oh and you only have two days left to enter into the Sentai Filmworks SoniAni Super Sweepstakes for your chance to win a bunch of Super Sonico swag including an Epiphone SG guitar and a pair of Super Sonico headphones. Restricted to USA residents only.

Early July Games & Merchandise Catchup.

SoniPro for the Nintendo 3DS has been given an offical release date of 31st July 2014. Good news for those who were looking forward to it. Startup! the 6th CD single which features the opening theme song for SoniPro is being released a day earlier on the 30th July 2014.

Super Sonico will be featured as a character the new Akiba’s Trip 2: Undead and Undressed for the PS4, which was released in Japan stores on the 3rd July 2014. With a PS Vita version due out sometime later. Remember PlayStation games are region free so you can import this if you like with minimal fuss minus the language barrier.

Sonico: GTA:SASomeone made this impressive Super Sonico character skin model for Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas for the PC. Click on the download link at the bottom for instructions and the files needed to install.


SoniAni Vol 5 BD/DVD

SoniAni Volume 5 on BD/DVD’s cover art and details have been released and will be released on the 16th July 2014. And the wallpaper page has updated again, with the addition of the wallpaper for the newly released More! CD.


And if you’re in need of some new glasses. You can opt for a pair of Super Sonico themed frames. Very stylish.

The Big June Figure Update.

Hello all. Sorry for the big time gap in between posts. I have been both busy and lazy at the same time. But I’ll try my best to keep things more alive. I’ve also been experimenting with advertising to help with the running costs of the site.

Firstly gure news, Neko Magic’s Coming Soon – June week 3, 2014 post has some photos of a very nice and large figure from Good Smile Company. Dressed in the same outfit as the Orchid Seed’s Bondage Ver figure, but this time she’s striking a new pose and is accompanied by a model of a Marshal amplifier along with her iconic Gibson SG guitar. I’m looking forward to knowing some more details about this figure.
Gift are also releasing their own high quality and detailed pre-painted 1/8 scale PVC Kotla Parker Ver Tiger Hoodie figure. Expect this figure to be priced around the 9,800 Yen in October 2014. Amiami has the cheapest pre-order.

Super Sonico Taito Station

Taito Station is getting a new employee. Well… Nico-chan dressed up in one of their outfits anyway. This prize figure was released on the 21st June 2014.

Crunchyroll has Super Pochaco and First Astronomical Velocity Figures Previewed with some great photos and details with both the Super Pocacho and Super Sonico Bunny Maid Ver figures side by side. Along with a new figure set of all three members of First Astronomical Velocity dressed in kimonos, nice.

But the biggest news is is the new X-Prize Bikini Super Sonico figure. The only details known so far is that she’ll be standing at 16.4″ Inches tall (416mm) and made of “soft vinyl” so I imagine this will be actually made of polyresin. There are more photos hosted at Mechanical Japan which really showcases the level of detail on this figure. This is a must have for me. No given estimated release date has been given.

The All In One Roundup: Week 2 June 2014

So last week, it was announced along with the cover art of the SoniAni: Super Sonico the Animation Volume 4: Limited Edition is due for release on the 18th June 2014 is going to include a replica of one of Sonico’s bikinis…. Yeah… I’m personally not keen on this. Especially when there is nothing particularly special about the item. It just looks like a regular bikini that someone had a warehouse overstocked with this particular item and needed to get rid of them fast. Crunchyroll has great coverage on this including the pre-order bonus you will receive depending on which retailer you decide to pre-order the SoniAni Vol 4: LE through.

Crunchyroll also has some new preview photos of the upcoming Magician Super Sonico figure by Taito.

Over at Neko Magic, Coming Soon – June week 2, 2014: teases us with two new colour versions of the Space Police prize figure also by Taito . A black and a light blue version will be available in September 2014. In addition the post also features concept figures of a new “OL Sonico” PVC figure by Wing. And The 36th Prize Fair 2014 Part 7: FuRyu, System Service, has more photo coverage of the Cup-noodle figure, the baking cookies and yet another new un-named un-detailed figure. Man I’m going to need a lot more money and space if i’m going to continue collecting Sonico figures @_@

The official Super Sonico wallpaper gallery page has been updated with the addition of the Rainbow and Moonlight CD cover art. And at long last a Super Sonico soft case for the Nintendo 3DS by shishikuiya and cleaning cloth which should be hitting the retailers soon.

And here is some awesome and inspiring fast draw art by Josie Konzelman. I sure hope she does some more work like this, Love her art style and music choice too.

And here is some SoniAni trivia. Studio Khara who is best known for doing the Rebuild of Evangelion did the end credits of the episode 6, “Cruising of the Dead,” and if you didn’t notice before was done in the style of Michael Jacksons Thriller music video. Old news but I only found this news written up in Crunchyroll’s news archive. Rebuild of Evangelion’s Studio Khara Animates Sonico Ending

Merchandise Round Up: Figures, card games and Android apps.

Neko Magic have been busy as usual with covering the latest and upcoming new figures, this time while attending the CafeReo Character Convention 2014 spotted a new Super Sonico figma dressed up in what appears to be a French sailor outfit, Click on the above link and scroll down for photos, no details as of yet as to whom it’s by, release date are known as of yet.

And in their Coming Soon – May week 5, 2014: post, they have some photographs and details of two new prize figures from FuRyu. The first one looks rather interesting. Named the Child Noodle Stopper Figure, it serves for when after you have poured in your boiling water into your cup noodles, you close the lid and put something on top to seal the lid to let the noodles steam and cook for a few minuets extra. Moeyoakibajinblog on YouTube has a video of the figure in action. I’m just a little concerned with what material the figure is made from (most likely PVC) and I am worried that the heat and steam from the noodles could damage the figure after time.

And there is now new SoniAni SiegKrone card game booster and starter packs available from a few select retailers including Otaku Republic. amiami, and play-asia.

And, last but not least, A Super Sonico Widget App for Android devices is available. It displays the latest in your local weather forecasts and even supports the function of speaking the latest in the official super sonico twitter. Unfortunately it seems to be region or language locked as I am unable to select and download it to my Android devices. Lame.

Re-release of half scale figure, Amiami exclusive edition.

on the 24th May 2014, it was announced that A-Toys are doing a re-release of the 1/2 scale (90cm) polyresin Super Sonico bikini figure, and amiami have a exclusive striped bikini version. With the regular black bikini version also available from amiami. Both versions have the same set retail price of 34,300 Yen, and each come with a bonus gift which will be released in late July 2014. As far as I can tell, no other online retailer have any pre-orders available yet.

I just can’t decide now which version I like more, the original or the striped bikini. If you do a photo comparison on each version you will notice that the mouth has a different pose and the eyes appear to be larger and looking directly forward in the new suntanned versions. I have a big decision to make as I don’t still have the available space to even store this figure in my current living arrangements.

The figure is currently on display in the Akihabara Kotobukiya Museum which is well worth the visit for any anime Otaku.