Huge news has just been annouced. SGCafe report that Cosplayer Jessica Nigri to voice Super Sonico in the English Dub. Which is expected to be released in the USA on DVD and BD on the 26th May 2015 by Sentai Filmworks

Totally surpised by this news. I was under the impression that SoniAni didn’t do too well in the Japan DVD / BD sales but obviously the western cultures crave more Super Sonico goodness and rightfully so. Anime News Network also has coverage of this story.

Keeping with the Nigiri-news. Here is a nice interview with her dressed up as Sonico in the tiger hoodie outfit. Very nice.

And in figure release news. I received my Nico-chan version a few days ago, but notification from retailers state that the Daichi Uchu Sokudo – Fuuri Watanuki and the Suzu Fujimi Yukata Ver figures have been shortly delayed along with the Super Sonico After The Party figure. has been delayed once more. But the Super Pocacho: Bunny Ver by FREEing is being shipped on the 26th January 2015 so it’s not all sad panda news. See the full details of this months releases and delays here.

A new Super Pochaco – Super Pochaco Photo Session 1/6 PVC figure by Daiki Kougyou with pre-orders already open too.

Kenneth Bolido has a nice video review of the Banpresto SQ Campus Life Super Sonico | Unbokkusu (4K) and use Google Translate to help read [Review] Super Sonico Sonico chan life adhesion coverage Special figures Bathing shiny time 

Need help customising your PS VITA? Then check out the Vita Background Generator to help you with creating Super Sonico wallpapers for the device just the way you want it. And while you’re at it. Check out the themebeta custom theme generator app for the Chrome browser.

EDLOT93Also, if you own an Oculus Rift. You’re in for a real treat. Included in the Miku Entertainment Sphere Stage 1.0.2 (Updated for DK2) is a Super Sonico character model, I really need to get myself a DK2.

Where Did December Go? (Merry X-Mass & Happy New Year 2014)

Wooaahh what happened??!?! Where did December go? It was here for a moment and the next thing I know it’s the start of the new year… Been super busy with work and life in general.


Firstly, a fashionably late Merry Christmass and a Happy New Year to everyone. And to help celebrate the festive time, a timed Christmas 2014 wallpaper was hosted up on the Super Sonico official website download page. But if you’re like me and missed the timed window to grab a copy, you can grab a copy of the 1080×1200 wallpaper from here. 

Wow what a massive year for Sonico and her adoring fans. So many new figures and countless merchandise and paraphernalia, a 15 episode anime series, a re-lease game Sonikomi on the PS3 and Motto Sonikomi on the Nintendo 3DS and it seems that Super Sonico’s popularity is by no means slowing down. But according to All That’s Cosplay. Super Sonico was the Most Popularly Cosplayed Characters of 2014.


Nitro+ had a whole bunch of Nico merch for sale at the Nitroplus / Nitro + CHiRAL COMIC MARKET 87′, And 1UP also has a featurette showcasing all the awesome new stuff for the 2015 Ichiban Kuji prize lottery.

Super Sonico Carry Case

Are you planing a holiday soon? How about a Super Sonico travel case by gate-japan which comes with three different design style inserts.

Pre-orders are now accepted for the full size Super Sonico mouse pad. And the Nitro+ store is now selling the full body Super Sonico mouse pad along with the Nitosuto 2 Anniversary life-size tapestry

And coming next year in video game arcades in Japan. Nitroplus Blasters: Heroines Infinite Duel: New fighting game lets you fight as Saber or Super Sonico. Official website found here.

And now Super Sonico themed  USB battery chargers Kyara Goods are ready for order.


The release date for the Super Sonico After The Party Ver figure has been pushed back to sometime late January.

soniko_topPre-orders for the Super Sonico 1/6 scale (280mm tall) Paisura Bikini ver by Kaitendoh are now available through, AmiamiCDJapan, Play-Asia, J-List and Otaku Republic. Ordered from cheapest to most expensive of course. The figure is expected to be released in April 2015

Mechanical Japan has an article and photos of a fully painted prototype of a new Super Sonico Snow White Ver prize figure which is adorable. I need to start collecting these UFO prize figures, so many and so cute.

And somehow I missed the announcement and sale of this Super Sonico Love Bomber Garage figure kit by GK for the 2014 Winter Wonder Festival. Neko Magic also has some preview shots of a Super Sonico Mermaid Ver figure non scale prize figure by FuRyu. And the Campus Life prize figure by Banpresto. And the Super Sonico Wet Shirt prize figure.

I’m still not 100% caught up on all of the news but i’m trying to get things on track again.

Figure and Merch News – End of November 2014.

There has been some delays with figure releases, Firstly the shipping out from the  Good Smile Ccmpany on the 4th December 2014 will be the Max Factory – Super Sonico: Suntanned ver figma. And the Super Sonico Tiger Hoodie Ver figure by Gift has been delayed from November to December 2014:

Neko Magic has been doing what they do best. Going to all of the figure exhibits and taking photos for us to admire. The Coming Soon – November week 4, 2014: post contains some photos of the new non-scale Super Sonico Winter Ver prize figure by TAITO and teases of a matching Super Pochaco figure too.

Featured in the (18+) Miyazawa Model Exhibition 2014 Autumn Part 13: Kaitendoh, Griffon Enterprises, BEAT, Kurushima, Aizu Project post, Kaitendoh’s new untitled 1/6 (30cm tall) PVC Super Sonico figure which looks amazing! They really have gone to town with the level of detail on this figure. Sonico is almost falling out of that bikini which is much too small. :)

And the finalised version of Bandpresto’s SQ Super Sonico prize figure is featured in the Coming Soon – November week 5, 2014 post.

If you still enjoy playing The Elder Scrolls: V: Skyrim on the PC then you may want to try out this Super Sonico character mod hosted up on the nexus. I’ll have to try it out myself soon.

HRK ENB TWO by hrk1025 Skyrim Nexus mod

HRK ENB TWO by hrk1025
Skyrim Nexus mod

Also the official Super Sonico account on has uploaded a new “outtake” song titled Super Sonico is [tried singing] the “GIANT STRONG FAUST SUPER STAR” The site requires you to create a user account before listening but it has now been ripped and uploaded to youtube

And now the Nitro+ store has expanded their Super Sonico CDs and other items for sale, as well as Nitroplus CHiRAL CDs and video media.

And lastly Crunchyroll discusses Super Sonico and Pochaco Bring Their Healing Touch to Seat Cushions. The article also features a whole bunch of twitter photos of the super cute Super Sonico cup noodle lid holder amongst other Sonico items :) I really need to get one of those cup noodle holders, so much adorable.

Miscelanious News: 2nd Week November 2014

Sorry for the lapse in updates people, I’ve been distracted with many other hobbies of mine and there has not been all too much Sonico releated news or things to make mention, or so I had thought so..

The Sony PlayStation 4 has now received the v2.0 firmware update that brings customisable theme support to the console, with the PS Vita getting the same treatment. However make sure you have now updated to v2.01 as this has a fix for the “rest mode” bug where if have the option to allow your PS4 to go into sleep mode after a certain ammount of inactivity you could not wake it up. I was affected by this bug and it was very annoying but everything is good now. :)

But anyway hopefully we’ll see some Super Sonico themes emerge for us to enjoy.

SGCafe reports that Griffon makes big figure announcements in Treasure Festa in Ariake 11, Basically a Super Sonico version of their Super Figure line which will be a 1/2.5 Scale. Which acording to SGCafe’s other article Griffon’s new 1/2.5 scale Kirino figure stands tall at 70cm and features a soft chest will also feature a Soft chest too. WoW!!! No prototype or development photos of the Nico-chan version yet but i’m excited to see how it turns out!

NekoMagic has coverage on a new Super Sonico – Super Sonico More More Parka Swimsuit Ver. 1/8 GK by Volks CharaGumin which was on display at the recent Hobby Round 12 fair. There appears to be three colour variants versions and will available for purchase on the 22nd November 2014 from the volks website store but I’m unsure if it these figures will be available through other retailers, time will reveal all. Volks English website.

Super Sonico Summer Santa Ver.

NekoMagic also tells us about the limited edition Megahobi Expo 2014 Super Sonico – Super Sonico Summer Santa Ver. 1/7 PVC figure by Alter, which is basically the Santa Swimsuit ver figure but with an alternate colors,Only availble either at the venue or from the Megahobi Expo website. Official Alter figure page found here.


Wieselhead has released two Super Sonico figure reviews, high praise for Alter’s Swimsuit Santa Ver figure which I wholeheartedly agree, it is an absolutely stunning figure, full of details and screams high quality. Same goes for the Super Sonico – Cheer ★ Girl by Orchid Seed figure. Older Sonico figure reviews by Wieselhead.

Also the After The Party Super Sonico figure‘s release has been delayed till December 2014

Post Birthday Celebrations, Ichiban Kuji Lottery & New Merch News

Happy Birthday Sonico 2014So as you all were well aware, it was Sonico’s Birthday on the 14th October. And it appeared that the whole internet went crazy with celebrating the special day.

Crunchyroll has a nice round up of some of the buzzing twitter activities including many gorgeous fan art and magnificent cosplay and birthday feasts and Sonico themed cakes! SGCafe also covers the grand day’s celebrations including photos of in store displays.

On the 11th of October the Super Sonico The Animation Ichiban kuji prize lottery began. with some sweet unique event only items available for the winning. If you’re lucky enough to be in Japan (normal I would be this time of year) Here is a location guide towards the bottom of the page where you can purchase the lottery tickets for your chance to win. You can purchase tickets at Tatio Station too. And also has some further details on the prizes available. If you’re not visiting japan or live there you can probably check on ebay in the next few weeks for the items up for sale. But remember to be selective and shop around as prices will vary from seller to seller.

Super Sonico Boxer Shorts Are you in need of some new underwear? Why not teat yourself to a pair of Super Sonico boxer shorts. These will be released to retailers on the 31st October 2014 and are expected to cost around 4000 yen which is fairly typical of a good quality set of boxer shorts.

And as a treat for us all to admire, Mary Elizabeth on Tumblr has posted photographs of their Super Sonico collection. A nice and healthy collection proudly on display indeed.

Happy Birthday Super Sonico!!! (News Update: October 2014)

Sonico CakeHi all, sorry for the lapse in time since the last post. There hasn’t really been all too much Sonico related news to report till recently. It’s Super Sonico’s Birthday tomorrow 14th October. So a big Happy Birthday Nico-chan!!! And to help celebrate,  you can purchase the download version of Motto Sonikomi from the Sony Entertainment Network for a discount price. Remember you need a Japan SEN account and Credit Card or Japanese registered Paypal to purchase from the Japan SEN.

ps3-motto-sonicomiHowever. I just noticed now that CDJapan has 40% off the listed price for the Special Edition of Motto Sonikomi so it’s only $49.05 USD!!! So that is a much easier and better deal!!!

Keeping with the Sonikomi theme. I’ve been keeping myself busy with playing Motto Sonikomi on the PS3 and I have begun writing a bit of a guide, this is very much a work in progress so please be patient with updates on the page.

External to this site, the sonicomiproject is an effort by others to fully create an English translational patch for the PC and PS3 version. Looks like they’re already under way with the work and I shall be volunteering to help out anyway I can with this worthy cause. Soiredi (Reddit) discussion here. I love playing Sonikomi but It sucks that I’m missing out on the story and not understanding the clients requests.

Misc News: 2nd Week September 2014.

2015 Sonico Calendar

Things appear to be going a bit slow in the world of Super Sonico news. But the 2015 Super Sonico calendar’s artwork has been revealed and is now available for pre-order though cdjapan, amiami and j-list.

The Super Sonico Swimsuit Santa Ver figure by Alter has finally been released to retailers. So if you haven’t already, you should be recieving order ready status emails from whoever you pre-ordered though.

In Japan, SoniAni: Super Sonico The Animation has started to be re-run the AT-X! channel.

Relax while browsing the web with these Super Sonico and First Cosmic Velocity 3D mousepads. The hardest decision is to choose which one cause both the Fuuri and Suzu pads look great too.

Mechanical Japan has some nice photos of what looks like yet new new UFO prize figure. I call this one the Super Sonico Wet t-shirt Sponge Figure. And the Super Sonico Heart Queen ver figure.

News Round up: Week 3 August 2014

kebab_bikini_sonico_6Pre-orders are now available for X-Prize’s massive 41cm PVC Super Sonico Bikini and Kebab figure. Pre-orders available from the following online retailers. Ranked cheapest to highest price.

I”m going to hold off from ordering this one personally for now. Judging by the photos I’m not satisfied as a whole that this is a top quality figure. Plus i have a huge amount of figures already on pre-order that I need to commit to paying first before any moer.

10704987296_83106cd092_oAmiami have informed me that the Super Sonico Swimsuit Santa Ver figure by Alter release date has been pushed back from late August to now late September 2014. Man this figure is taking forever to get done.

The final SoniAni Volume 6 on BD/DVD has been released on the 20th August 2014. So your pre-orders for this should be shipped out soon. has a nice collection of Super Sonico cosplay on display. Some of these are outstanding, wow! 

Neko Magic continues with their 2014 Summer Wonder Festival coverage. Along with the 36th Annual Prize Fair 2014. Here are the posts featuring Nico-chan figures. Some posts were 18+ so I don’t want to include those here.

And last but certainly not least. The lovely and very talented Yaya Han was interviewed by Nerd Calibur giving some tips to any inspiring Cosplay’ers whilst looking amazing with her wearing the turquoise Super Sonico Kenco Nurse outfit that she has been sporting around in many of the recent anime expos and conventions.

News Round Up : 2nd Week August 2014.

SoniAni Vol 6SoniAnis volume 6 cover art has been shown, and is due out for street release on the 20th August 2014. With Japanator hosting a well written Final Impressions: SoniAni: SUPER SONICO The Animation to help you decide that you should watch it if you haven’t already.
Now the Daiichi Uchu Sokudo Suzu Fujimi Yukata Ver figure by FREEing’s pre-orders are now starting to appear, CDjapan has theirs here. and amiami’s pre-order here and J-Lists here and play-asia here. Looks like it’s going to be released the same time as the Furi Watakuni ver in February 2015. AWESOME!

Max Factory are re-releasing the Super Sonico figma figure that came exclusively with the Limited Edition SoniAni Volume 1 Bluray. But this time she’s suntanned and sporting a silver coloured bikini and is reported to be sold exclusively though Good Smile Company. Standing at 135mm tall. Pre-orders are open now for it’s December 2014 release for 3,889 Yen.

After SoniPro’s release, it was ranked 8th in Japan’s Video game sales for the week July 21 to 27th

And Neko Magic has published more photos of the 2014 Summer Wonder Festival featuring Super Sonico figure exibits.

Wonder Festival (Summer) 2014 Round Up

Neko Magic is in the middle of publishing their extensive photograph coverage of all of all the figure related displays for the recent 2014 Summer Wonder Festival held in Tokyo.

Naturally I have done all the hard work and have listed here all of their posts featuring Super Sonico figures for your enjoyment. I haven’t noticed really anything new with the line up of new figures but expect to see more Wonder Festival 2014 updates.

The 1/1 scale Super Sonico figure made an appearance again at the festival with rocketnews24 coverage and photos of the figure, you can look at this life size super sonico anime figure but you can’t touch. If only this figure was for purchase… I want.